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Heison Mechanical Co., Ltd. is a professional distributor of construction equipments. We have broad export market which is North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Africa, Oceania, Malaysia, Dubai, India, Southeast Asia, Mid East, and Eastern Asia. There are several kinds of construction equipments which are steel bar equipment, ramming machine, construction mixer, vibrator machine, trowel machine, cutter machine and arc welder. The equipments usually are made of steel for solid shell. They have compact structure, low vibration, low noise, high accuracy, high efficiency, strong durability. They are also easy to operate, easy to maintenance, easy to transport. We have many specifications to meet customers requirement.

Various construction equipment with good performance
There is a yellow fully automatic bar straightening machine, a gray steel cutting machine and a yellow steel bending machine.
Steel bar machine

Steel bar machine includes bar straightening machine, steel cutting machine, steel bending machine. They can straighten, cut or bend various steel products in high efficiency and high accuracy. They usually have wheels to move easily. Bar straightening machine can straighten and cut coiled rods and bars. Steel cutting machine can cut ordinary carbon steel, cold and hot round steel, screw thread steel, flat steel, angle steel and square steel. Steel bending machine can bend round steel bar or deformed steel bar into various shapes.

There is a tamping rammer with orange spring and oil tank, and a plate compactor with orange plate and drive device.
Ramming machine

Ramming machine includes tamping rammer and plate compactor. Plate size of tamping rammer is smaller than plate compactor. There are two kinds of tamping rammer and plate compactor which are electric gasoline. Self cleaner filtration system on tamping rammer extends machine's life and improves durability. In plate compactor, solid, high-strength base plate with curved edges for excellent performance and smooth turns on hot asphalt. They can compact sand, asphalt, gravel, granular soil, grit, crush aggregates, clay, etc. They can be used in narrow confined areas, such as slabs, curbs, gutters, pipelines, bridge surroundings, street pavement, trenches, housing sites, indoor ground, courtyard, groove, reservoirs, culverts.

There are five different mixers and a kind of self dumping hopper.
Construction mixer

Construction mixer includes compulsory mixer, drum mixer, self dumping hopper, vertical mortar machine, concrete mixing machine and double-layer mixer. Self dumping hopper is used to deliver the concrete, cement, sand, mortar, brick, fixture and tool. Others are usually used to mix dry concrete, plasticity concrete, flowability concrete, light aggregate concrete, semi-rigid concrete and various mortars. The machines can mix the mixture in a short time, which can save time and labor; also they are resistant to corrosion, wear, moist for a long service life.

There is a vibration platform, a vibrating rod, a vibratory plate compactor and a vibrator motor.
Vibrator machine

Vibrator machine includes vibration platform, vibrating rod, vibrator motor and vibratory plate compactor. Vibration platform can be used for molding of test sample of concrete and mortar in the testing laboratory. Vibrating rod can vibrate and tamp concrete or cement to drain the water. Vibratory plate compactor can compact various concretes, asphalt, soil, sand, gravel and grit. Vibrator motor can be used for vibrating rod, bin, hopper, chute, feeder, etc. The machines have strong vibrating force, compact structure, low noise, low consumption, is easy to use and repair, environment friendly.

There is a blue electric power trowel and a yellow double trowels gasoline trowel machine.
Trowel machine

Trowel machine includes electric power trowel and gasoline trowel machine. They can smooth out the concrete or cement to make surface level effectively. Gasoline trowel machine have one set of trowel or two sets of trowel. Electric power trowel usually has one set of trowel. They are easy to maintain, easy to install, resistant to corrosion and temperature, have low cost, long product life, high efficiency. Height of the handle is easy to adjust which makes operator comfort and easy to control the machine. Independent rotating flywheel allows the machine operate in tight corners and in confined spaces.

There is a white yellow concrete cutter machine and a black cut off saw.
Cutter machine

Cutter machine includes concrete cutter machine and cut off saw. Concrete cutter machine is used to cut concrete, marble, granite, masonry, brick, asphalt, tile, stone and other solid materials. It is usually used in road, highway, doorway, driveway, side-walk, etc. Cut off saw can cut angle steel, round steel, flat steel, channel steel and other profiles. It also can cut brick, stone, masonry product, wood, brass, aluminum and plastic. Special water tank spraying system on concrete cutter machine can cool and lubricate cutting blade, prolong the life of blade. Quick-adjust vise clamp on cut off saw can adjust quickly for different material sizes.

There is a red DC inverter MMA welder and an orange AC arc welder.
Arc welder series

Now there is arc welder in arc welder series. Arc welder can weld mild steel, stainless steel, cast iron and hard surfacing. It is used in farm, shop, home, general steel repair, fabrication, gate, frame, fence and box trailer. It has small size, light weight, is east to transport from a site to another site. The machine has fan cooling to prevent overheating, and there is indicator light for thermal overload protection. Adjustable amperage control offers you flexibility of output amperage.

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There is a steel cutting machine in white and gray to cut steel.
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